Q. What items cannot be cleaned in the Spectank®?

It is not recommended to put silver, silver plate, tin plate, enamel coated pots, teflon, silicone coated pans, wood or thin plastic items into the Spectank®.

Q. How often should items be cleaned in the Spectank®?

This will vary depending upon the usage of the utensils and equipment. The amount of fat, grease and carbon build-up will also dictate how often things are cleaned in the Spectank®. It is recommended that a schedule be drawn up to ensure that the utensils and equipment get cleaned on a regular basis. The Spectank® system should be in constant use.

Q. How long must items remain in the Spectank®?

This depends on the item but generally between 20 minutes and 24 hours (items should not be left in the tank for longer than 24 hours). Items should be removed, thoroughly washed and rinsed and put back in the Spectank® if required. Heavily carbonized or greased-up items will initially require a longer soak time. Your kitchen will become progressively cleaner as the Spectank® is put to work over time.

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